The city of Tandil is located in the center-southeast of the province of Buenos Aires, within the Humid Pampa, forming part of the Tandilia mountain system.



Tandil and its origin

Piedra Movediza

La Piedra Movediza was granite with a weight of 300 tons and had the particularity of keeping in balance at the edge of the hill until its final fall. Since 2007 there is a replica located exactly in the same place, being the biggest symbol of the city of Tandil.

Cerro El Centinela
Parque Independencia

It is a green space located on one of the hills of the city. It was inaugurated on April 4, 1923. Thanks to the view that from it is obtained from the Tandilense town center it has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Tandil.

Monte Calvario

It was inaugurated on January 10, 1943. It is named that way because of the resemblance to the Goldea de Judea. To cross the Via Crucis it is necessary to climb 96 steps, there are a total of 17 statues made of stone. Starting point of the traditional Viernes Santo Procession.

Lago del Fuerte

It has a length of 450 meters and a base of about 35 m. There are numerous nautical activities that are practiced in the lake, windsurfing, kayaking, ecotourism, hiking and camping.

Don Quijote